From the heart of Europe, Sharies Business Development is providing small and medium size companies with a step-by-step approach to enter new markets - your company deserves it !

The company is headed by the Danish national Torben Rasmussen, M.Sc.E.E that holds more than 25 years of professional experience gained from leading positions in France, Luxembourg and Sweden. However we are working together with leading experienced partners in a number of countries in Europe and the Middle East.

This means that Sharies Business Development holds profound knowledge in how to approach markets in Europe.  This combined with solid technical, commercial  and marketing experience  gained through many years in some of Europes global companies - create a solid base for bridging the gap into new markets.

On one hand our focus areas are Benelux and France, as particularly French speaking countries have proven to be difficult to access for smaller Nordic companies – often due to both language and cultural barriers.

On the other hand, companies based in central Europe often have great uncertainties on how to approach the lucrative Nordic market.

This creates an ideal base for long lasting business relationships between the Nordic countries and central Europe.

With our base in Luxembourg we are located in Europe’s most cosmopolitan area, which combines a number of key elements essential for successful international business:

    Multilingual environment.
    Geographical location – bordering Germany, France and Belgium.
    Presence of various EU-institutions.
    Highly skilled working partners with international experience.